How do you clean animal poop off of a hardwood floor?

Query by [ robyn. ♫ ]: How do you thoroughly clean animal poop off of a hardwood floor?
I have a new puppy, and she’s even now studying to go outdoors. She obtained the habit of carrying out her company in my space and my place only, and I was pondering how should I clean it up properly. I am going to be mopping afterwards, my primary problem at the minute is to get it all off first. I came home from college to uncover it all above the spot. It is rather runny at some points, and normally too soft to clean up with a bag. I have hardwood floors, also. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Answer by hipdog26
Use a lot of paper towels to get the most of it then cleanse with soap and drinking water.
I would propose you get a steam mop to sanitize and make the work less difficult.

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  1. headhunter says:

    Suggestion, We found that keeping our puppy in a small crate while away saves a lot of cleaning time, just make sure the crate is not too big otherwise he will use it as a restroom….

  2. Regina J says:

    You will have to get up what you can with paper towels and then spray it with windex to get the rest. The windex should not hurt the floor as long as you do not leave it too long and it also will kill the odor.

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