Q&A: how do i get rid of fleas in hardwood floors?

Query by derek h: how do i get rid of fleas in hardwood floors?
gave cat ultra guard one particular spot therapy, mopped floors and place flea spray on couches, but there all about hardwooden floors still. and…. on cat. do i have to spray flea spray on hardwooden floors too??

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Solution by Diane
The moment you handle your cat, it normally requires a few days for the merchandise to work, eggs even now hatching, and so on. I have my puppy and cat living inside of, I set off flea bombs, two times a calendar year, this will get rid of all the pests. You have to depart the house closed for about four several hours, and depart for that period of time, keep in mind to just take out pets, like fish

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  1. Jonathan says:

    Go to canadian tire and pick-up some flying/crawling bug raid, you should be able to do the floors and the chemicals will stay in the cracks in the floor for quite some time too. Also a little trick if you are getting bit on the legs, put a flea collar on each ankle and it will stop them.
    Good luck

  2. Peter W says:

    First, fleas breed on the animal, but the eggs are laid off the animal. So, unless those eggs are in direct contact with an insecticide, they will hatch out. And topical treatments take anywhere up to ten (10) days to be fully effective at first application. After the first application, they are generally more effective – but fleas, ticks and other parasites will still get on the animal if around until they all die off.

    Vacuum scrupulously, including corners and along baseboards, under furniture and so forth. Damp-mop the floors after vacuuming, allow to dry then vacuum again. Make several flea-traps (picture below) and be patient.

    The vacuuming will loosen the eggs, damp-mopping will get most of them, the second vacuum will get most of those that remain. But some will still survive. Hence the need for the traps. The shallower the dish under the night-light the more you will catch.

    Lastly, scatter dried pennyroyal around your windows below the screens. Young fleas will go right through most screening if they smell ‘prey’. Pennyroyal is an effective repellent.

  3. Dorothy Boyd says:

    1) Add 2 tbsp. of neem oil into a spray bottle. Neem oil makes the fleas infertile and will keep them from breeding.

    2) Add one squirt of dish washing liquid, which helps the mixture stick to your floors.

    3) Add 5 to 10 drops of an essential oil. The best essential oils to choose from include cedarwood, citronella, peppermint or eucalyptus. These essential oils are also flea repellents and will help discourage fleas.

    4) Fill the bottle to the top with warm water.

    5) Place the lid on the bottle and shake the contents.

    6) Spray the liquid mixture on your hardwood floors daily and allow it to dry completely.

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